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Blopy's Friend Group

Wow, he's amassed quite the list! I sure would want to join his Discord server...

Sharpina Floats

"Another break-in in the break-in bag!"


Species: Boxbud

Height: 2'8''

Favorite color: Red

Age: Adult


The Continental Rapture brought in a lot of species to Earth. Sharpina is one of those species, being a Boxbud who are from a place with harsh shadows and a society build around flying and not having arms.

However, even while being brought into a world that needs arms, she can perfectly continue her hobby of stealing from top businesses flawlessly. She even oftentimes joins Miss B when her weekly schedule of burning money comes up.

Sharpina is seriously secretive, and she won't reveal anything about her that's of use. Even her citizen clothing is her disguise. It's because of this that we don't know how she managed to become Blopy's friend, but we know that she was one of his first.

For now, stealing from the rich seems to all be what she wants out of life. Every mansion is just another thrill to her.

Favorite food: Unknown

Has many copies of her thief costume hidden across the world

That "mohawk" is her hat

Has never killed anyone


Probably doesn't have a house

Likes general EDM music

Has a code to stealing she won't share

Hides a notebook on the back of her bandana

Can't steal your heart

Haven Lee

"Thank you for purchasing, come by again!"

Haven Lee

Species: Air Basic

Height: 3'9''

Favorite color: Yellow

Age: Adult


Haven owns a neat little flower shop in one of her city's districts. Her natural ability to instantly make her flowers grow to maturity is nothing less than impressive and she's been hired to perform this ability in events like weddings or grand openings.

Haven is innately calm. Even while under stressful situations, she won't break a sweat and is often the first person to give a rational thought. She met and befriended Blopy when he entered her shop and tried to buy everything inside. Haven cheekily used her powers to see how much Blopy could lift, and she was surprised how long he held up.

While her shop isn't bringing her much income, she likes to hear out the stories of her regulars. They're either hopeless romantics, desperate romantics, and regretful romantics. While listening, she doesn't like airing out her options, preferring to see how they either recover or dig a deeper hole.

Likes reading romance books

Most of her flower shop is made out of plants.

Likes 6 petals on her flowers


Disappointed in Missy's greed for information

Suffers from narcolepsy

Favorite food: A salad

Likes watching survival reality shows

Likes the violin

Favorite animal: Shark




Species: Geometri

Height: 1'6''

Favorite color: White

Age: 6


This guy hails from a planet completely made out of simple geometric shapes with people all just like him. Blopy met him when he got shot out of the Sun during another hard party at Planet Blopy.

Just like all of his sides, he's a flat person with flat opinions and flat lifestyle. Atleast with Basic Bob his life has a schedule, but Master here is overwhelmingly underwhelming.

Atleast all of his sides are extremely tough to punch through.

Can stretch himself out

Favorite food: Porridge

Can't feel pain

Favorite animal: Cow

Has a music taste that can be described as "running sounds"

Feels cold to the touch

Watches D.I.Y. home improvement shows

Has a family

Surprisingly fast flyer

Not into politics

Willow "Werewolf" Monsen

"God natt! Uh, if it's night over there. Otherwise, god morgon! Ha ha, ha..."

Willow Werewolf

Species: Human/Werewolf

Height: 4'5''

Favorite color: Turqoise

Age: Old Teen


Willow was just a regular human kid, but could suddenly turn into a werewolf on their 7th birthday. They don't remember being bitten, but found out that this is a magical trait long passed down through their family, only known to the werewolf side of the family.

They had a long time struggling to balance their human life and werewolf life, and even broke down at some points. Thankfully, a confrontation would lead to Willow's family accepting their werewolf half, even willing to accomodate themselves for Willow's wellbeing.

Willow would meet Blopy when he freed them from a cage trap set by their mad neighbor. Blopy would also help Willow unlock their ability to transform into a werewolf at will, no longer needing to rely on a full moon.

It's been a decade since their first transformation, and it's been a lovely life for them. Sure, the occassional Swedish folklore creature would pop up in their town to cause trouble, but Willow's joined by a great group of friends: Their bully-turned-friend, childhood friend-turned-werewolf, their grandpa, and other creatures who have been turned to the good side thanks to Willow.

Favorite food: Meatballs

Became non-binary when they were 14

Werewolf instincts has caused a lot of chicken deaths

Likes climbing

Creator of the Super Ghostbusters album

Co-wrote for some of Blopy's Blopy Ventures games

Afraid of aliens (not the B siblings)

Has broken a lot of their glasses

Wants to learn C#

Can't properly do a howl yet

Notella Beebi-Em

"Hope y'all've been enjoying tonight's track. This next one's one of my favorites..."

Notella Beebi-Em

Species: Note

Height: 2'2''

Favorite color: Venom

Age: Young adult


Notella is a wild card. Coming from another planet, her style of music is literally out of this world. She'll slap her songs from unexpected sources, up the BPM on random intervals, leave a note hanging, and it all somehow comes out a banger.

She came to respect Blopy's wild side, using him as inspiration in a few of her tracks. Outside of that, she isn't interested in joining in most of his adventures -- she's got a night club to run all day, and the patrons inside are feisty for her experimental music. She hates their attitude, but likes blasting them away with what she's got, so the two sides are in a brutal relationship.

Outside of the club, she's surprisingly spiritual, finding a meaning to everything around her; to her, everything has a cause and effect, and whatever happens is according to the flow.

It's likely that her way of life has an effect on her music. Everything has meaning, so her music is everything.

Favorite food: Spaghetti

Favorite album: Hang the DJ - Shitmat

Has a secret 2nd limb

Used to have a head full of hair

Her living space is above her club

Collaborates with multiple indie devs

Has model kits of many genres

Isn't afraid of death; she'll just return to the flow

Has a horrifying immune system

Sleeps by hanging off a hook

Basic Bob

"Hello, I'm Basic Bob."

Basic Bob

Species: Human

Height: 5'2''

Favorite color: White

Age: Adult


Painfully basic, Bob lives a simple life of the same routine over and over. His wardrobe all has the same white clothing and black blocky shoes, and he just can't complain about the cycle.

Now how would someone so routine meet a chaotic creature like Blopy? Perhaps a bump in the road of his road to work led to a fateful encounter? Nonetheless, they turned friends and Bob's life became a lot more exciting with Blopy's presence.

The secret behind Bob's lack of complaints is that he's just living his most fulfilling life. Average grades with average parents, and Bob learnt to never shoot to the moon. It might sound miserable to never wish for anything higher, but for Bob any surprise in his cycle is just another bump in the road.

He's got hobbies (via the recommendations of others), but they've been put in his schedule as another part of his weekly routine. Perhaps this is just his life. Forever.

Favorite food: Bread


"Wak wak waaaaak!"


Species: Spirit

Height: 6''

Favorite color: Blue

Age: Unknown


An animate erlenmeyer that has shapeshifted itself to sprout a pair of wings. It seems to believe that its empty cavity is important in staying afloat

It's got high aspirations, wishing to fly alongside the birds on a clear blue sky. Pretty unfortunate then that it doesn't know what an open window is, nor know how to properly fly, so he always manages to impact some kind of surface, shattering the body it's possessing

Blopy once opened the window for it, and they've been good friends since. While Blopy doesn't have any wings, his ability of spinning his arms into a helicopter inspires the erlenmeyer into flying freely too. One day, bud. One day.

Favorite food: Liquid nitrogen

Speaks in "wak"s

Always tries different bird wing motions

Has broken a lot of erlenmeyers

The cloud inside is its brain

Its favorite host bodies are those from schools

Tries its best

Has no sense of danger towards anyone

Got a small sense of rhythm

It's a natural spirit

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