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A council scouring the multiverse for Kluns' purpose.


"if it doesn't fit, it fits!"


Species: Kluns

Height: 4'1''

Favorite color: Purple

Age: Very ancient


Someone whose backstory is still left unrevealed, Kluns dove down into the underwater ruins of Atlantis and crafted his own Klunscouncil building. He needed a base of operations to do something he's wanted to do for quite a while: Create his own world.

But he needed information from other worlds. To help with that, he crafted several klunses and traveled into the parallel Sister Dimension to recruit that world's Kluns. With everyone in tow, he established the Klunscouncil.

Kluns is a control freak, traveling with his own purposes, drawing things out, then returning to stare at the fruits of his labor. If simple disguises and trickery won't help, then performing violence is a fitting solution.

He sure smiles, but this is a broken creature that's broken free from control for an untold time.

Favorite food: Light

Doesn't refer to himself as a father to his creations

Morphs his hair into a car for faster traversal

Feels like he's in complete control

talks without capitalizations

His home is inside a pocket space

Doesn't talk with other Klunscouncil members much

Darts his eyes around a bit too much

Indecisive; waits on changes too long

Goes quiet when backtalked to

Can't accept compliments

Kluns (Klunsgoddess)



Species: Kluns

Height: 4'1''

Favorite color: Purple

Age: Very ancient


Kluns from the Sister Dimension, a parallel dimension that flips the sexual orientations. While nothing ostensibly different from our Kluns personality-wise, she's a lot more honest with her emotions and fully admits to her violence in both tone and face.

After being recruited into the Klunscouncil by his Brother Dimension self, Kluns had to change her name into Klunsgoddess to differentiate between the two. She doesn't fully understand where 'goddess' comes from, but Kluns does which frustrates her.

Klunsgoddess has a drawly tone, which makes her sound bored and uncaring, but she cares a lot for the Klunscouncil members and acts as HR (KR) to anyone that's brave enough to complain, which has made a lot of people trust her as a result.

Secretly, she just wants to go home and relax with Mr. B and Terry. But she feels she has a duty to her council that she can't just abandon. This job has trapped her just as much as she was back then--lovely.

Favorite food: Light

Unlike Kluns who uses his hair, Klunsgoddess uses her clawy hands as weapon

She balances hiding and showing her violence

More cruel emotionally

Painstakingly methodical

Purposefully likes making herself dizzy when teleporting

Like every other kluns, the clothes are part of her body

Hates getting wet

Has a home in New Planet B

Has a favorite cup


"Hiya! Uh, 'a quote'? Well, I don't have one, sorry!"


Species: Kluns

Height: 6'9''

Favorite color: Blue

Age: Built adult


A kluns built to monitor a specific set of worlds--one with cloned hedgehogs and eateries. When those worlds were left incomplete in the Void, Klefty was left aimless and without purpose. Kluns then had the idea to appoint her as Klunsgoddess' assistant.

Sharing the work, Klefty had a bit more time now to start thinking. She could see the cracks of the Klunscouncil: the faulty leadership, the council's purpose, the fact she was created because of Kluns' favoritism to a world and not his own creations.

It disillusioned herself, and she felt herself becoming more independent with her own choices. Well, screw hiding yourself! Make friends outside the council, change up your clothes, take hobbies. Klefty became her own person, with her job at the Klunscouncil just being a part of it.

Klefty is a shy individual, with bubbling excitement when she's with her friends. She likes to tinker and experiment with the rules of other worlds. You could call her a mad scientist in that regard.

Her biggest aspiration is to bring those from the Void back into the Real. The world chose to abandon them, but she believes that the individual should become independent like she has. You can say she likes to uplift those that deserve to live.

Favorite food: Cheese pizza

Tests Sonic food products with Quickness after work

Came up with the 'Kaytee' nickname for Klunsthot

Hates her work uniform

Sees herself as a younger sister to the Lefty's

Joined a couple of Discord lore servers, amused at them treating the worlds she visited as fictional

Suffers from intrusive thoughts

Self-conscious about her height

Uses her "hair" ball as stress ball

Uses the sense-depriving Void as therapy

Best friends with Tajer


"There's a lot of love in this world.exe!"


Species: Kluns

Height: 4'1''

Favorite color: Pink

Age: Built adult


Created by Kluns to monitor the worlds of the internet campfire horror stories. From slender fellows, killer teens, and haunted games, he's been silently watching. Must be a silent psycho, with a penchant for the macabre, right?

No. Kluns.exe seems to be a fairly positive individual, with a love for the bright. He often gets distracted away with pleasing music, but don't let that distract you that he still performs his job rather well.

Since most of the worlds he visits are based on pre-existing worlds, he's often paired up with other klunses. It's on those expeditions where he loosens up a lot more, where in some more solo missions he quielty watches from afar.

Favorite food: Lemon Jell-o

Lives in a replica of Andy's room from Toy Story.exe

Always ends his sentences with ".exe"

His mouth is his eye

Can bleed, but likes sucking it back in

Best friends with Kaytee

Is often ignorant of his hair's random protrustions

Hates YouTubers

Laughs at death

Is a great cook


"Oh, joy be upon everyone!!"


Species: Elf

Height: 2'11''

Favorite color: Pink

Age: Pretty old


Jolly once worked at Santa's Workshop in a different world, until he accidentally hitched a ride with another kluns and ended up in the Klunscouncil building. He scampered around the building, bringing panic and confusion to the members. When Kluns found him, he saw potential in him and recruited him, to the confusion to a lot of people.

Jolly is appointed to oversee the worlds of holiday media, and he can't be any more happy about it. So many traditions, so many perspectives, and he just loves seeing them all get happy in the end. A pretty large empath in that regard, although he's a bit too dramatic with his passion and is a bit of a crybaby.

He's an elf though, not a kluns, so he's burdened with a lot of weaknesses. A limited stamina, hunger, fear of being killed. He can still keep up with his reports though, and nobody's been complaining with his output so far. So... it's all good.

Favorite food: Fruitcake

Is a good listener

Likes wearing loose-fitting clothes

Lives with Live-Kluns

Can survive really cold climates

But suffers in pretty warm ones

Bleeds blue blood

Loves Kluns.exe's cooking

Very good craftsman

Can play the flute

Really, really likes being covered in snow


"this- this is getting too much for me..."


Species: Kluns

Height: 4'11''

Favorite color: Blue

Age: Built like a child


Made by Kluns to monitor the worlds that take place in contemporary settings, those which look a lot more detailed and realistic. Live was also physically built to account for that; can't have some big-headed goblin walking around in real life, so Live was built to look more human, specifically a child.

He's nearly the only person assigned for this gigantic task, and that has grown to resentment towards Kluns and himself to being born. Other Klunscouncil members have noticed, turned sympathetic, and often visit his place off-work to help him finish his reports. Live has the largest synergy with the other Klunscouncil members as a result of this help, and his overall build and personality has activated some maternal instincts in some adult-built klunses like Kaytee or Mr. Kluns.

Live genuinely appreciates the help he's gotten, and he often feels he doesn't deserve this outpouring support. When talking, he often trails off, repeats himself, starts mumbling to himself, goes quiet, and that's possibly due to all the stress he's gotten with his duty.

In his off-time, when he gets one, he likes going back to the worlds he's monitored, sitting back, and just watching the events unfold like it were a movie. He usually snacks on food he's tried making himself, or food made by other klunses for him. Again, very grateful for their help, but he feels odd about it since they're all basically the same age.

Favorite food: Peanut butter sandwich

Breathes with his mouth open

Breathes very quickly

Feels a bit tight inside his own body

Doesn't have human eyes under those glasses; still has black dots.

Slight insomniac

Likes kicking and jumping

Has a house of his own.

Wide-eyed and has tics and bites his fingers because of the stress

Very much smarter than he looks


"Interesting. Quite."


Species: Kluns

Height: 2'1''

Favorite color: Red

Age: Built ancient


A kluns built in the form of the irreverent spirits of the world he's prioritized to watch. Klar takes his job very serious, his judgemental dotty eyes only blocked by the thick glasses.

He's a puritan in one sense of the word. Monitoring CAT (Copied but Alternate Terrain/Timeline) worlds with deviation from the original source material flares him up on the inside. While others would have fun pointing out the differences in interpretations, Klar sees those interpretations as missing the artistic point of the original, and muddying the source pool would give for wronger and wronger worlds to monitor.

He's only this heated towards worlds, though. He's not against mixed race relationships, god no.

Favorite food: popcorn, mushrooms, nuts, and a sandwich

Likes bouncing on surfaces

Writes canon-compliant fanfiction

Gets into heated debates with others about canon

Unaware of his own tone of voice

Grumbles while monitoring CAT worlds

The pencil is part of his body

Surprisingly soft to lay on

Practices an unique astral religion

Likes band music


"See see, boing! I am the best, doing!"


Species: Kluns

Height: 1'10''

Favorite color: Green

Age: Adult-like


Resembling a Jack-in-the-Box, this kluns views the worlds focused on toys and other assorted clownery. He looks to be having fun doing it, so nobody can really bother him with what he's doing.

He's surprisingly judgemental towards others, playfully demeaning them and even outright insulting them. Of course, when he ends with a "boing", you're not quite sure if he's serious with what he's said. One thing for sure is that he believes that klunses are superior above all, calling humans "low-form" and laughing at how they perceive the world.

Don't bring up that, at the end of the day, that he's got the same type of sight as anyone else. Blow sand in his eyes, he'll retreat back in his box.

Favorite food: wood chips

Gets sand blown in his eyes a lot

Not fun to work with

Likes adding lyrics to instrumental songs

Kluns is unaware of his behavior

Live-Kluns usually blows sand in his eyes

His style of teleporting is shoddy

Completely smooth to the touch

Respects the circus

Apparently a good make-up artist

Quickness the Kluns

"I see you! Let's do this!"

Quickness the Kluns

Species: Kluns

Height: 3'7.5''

Favorite color: Blue

Age: Built kid-like


An exciteable and shy person, Quickness adopts the free and outgoing persona of the fast worlds he's tasked to monitor.

At least, that was just the first part of himself. After hanging out with Klefty for an extended amount of time, Quickness could also see the cracks forming in the Klunscouncil. No longer was he so entirely loyal to an organization, though he still likes the benefits of visiting so many different worlds. For him, his duty on the council is now secondary.

Because of how fast the subjects that he's monitoring are, Quickness loves figuring out in what way he could keep up with them, performing tricks and flips while staying hidden from prying eyes. Of course, he can just teleport, but where's the fun in that?

Because of this, he's experimental, and hanging out with Klefty off-work has invited him to a long line of adventures of his own. He's just gonna have to not go crazy with the excitement.

Favorite food: chili dogs

Hide and seek is his favorite game

Likes spinning his purple rings with his finger

Writes canon non-compliant fanfiction!

Collects shoes

Secretly self-conscious about his appearance

Thinks he's supposed to resemble a bear

Only fully comfortable with Klefty and Kluns.exe

Squeamish about nudity, but not gore

Draws on the walls

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