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The Main Ones

What a lovable cast. These are characters I've used a lot. Hope you'll appreciate them!

Miss B

"I've met a lot of people, and lost a lot of people. I think it'd be best for their memory to live on with me still being here."

Miss B

Species: B

Height: 4'1''

Favorite color: Light pink

Age: The first human art + 6


An innocent girl thrust with too much power and immortality to properly handle herself.

...If that's what she wants you believe. In actuality, she's a messed up individual with even more messed up thoughts that she likes to release on the people she believes deserve it the most (pedophiles, rapists, or child abusers).

She sees those lot worth less than dirt and a good canvas for her to express herself when simply screaming doesn't help.

But despite her horrible treatment of the people she doesn't see as people, she genuinely wants society to see the best in themselves. She wouldn't be hanging around Earth for such a long time if she didn't want to see the humans there improve, you see. She also respects children and wants them to grow up to be their best selves, the way she couldn't.

She and B.B are the last of their own kind. She was sent away from her home planet, Planet B, when she was just 6. When the escape rocket they were in created a whole new planet for them, Miss B named it 'New Planet B'.

While scaling up a mountain to explore the new planet, the two accidentally rolled off and she caught a piece of the planet's pink clouds. Liking the style, she decided to abandon her original name of 'B.A' to then be forever known as 'Miss B'.

Favorite food: Straciatella ice cream

Current girlfriend: Tajer Yamia

Likes to one day make a kingdom out of her flesh cubes

Very sentimental

Once held a Russian Roulette ring in a club. Everyone lived

Has dated a wide variety of people

Prefers to prepare Surinamese dishes, especially bara

Inspired a lot of religious stories, especially the catastrophic ones

Physically can not curse due to how she was born

The only person to use "Oh my Kluns"

Has cults based on her

Doesn't like wearing shirts as it implies she has boobs underneath

Likes the brachiosaurus due to them looking like giraffes

Favorite dish: Roti




Species: B

Height: 3'7''

Favorite color: Undecided

Age: 2 years younger than Miss B


On Planet B, the powerful at the top wanted an even more powerful B they could control. When they first made B.A, she backtalked them, so they crafted another member that could submit more to commands. As part of this, they gave B.B an additional horn that made him mute.

Being more open to being commanded, B.B has his own aspirations and opinions dimmed down, moreso looking for the suggestions of others. This is clearly wrong, and B.B subconsciously knows this himself, but he's been stuck under these conditions for thousands and thousands of years.

He wants to talk with others, he wants to influence others, he wants to teach others. But as of right now, his curse of being easy to submit has led him to being exploited countless times by humans, aliens, and even Miss B in accidental cases.

At home, her older sister takes good care to ask him with "could you"s as she despises her brother being exploited by others and doesn't want to fall into the same pit herself. It's due to this that B.B still has his original name; Miss B wants him to name himself... whenever he'll get the chance to.

Favorite food: Undecided

Bothered by Blopy's freedom

Has anger issues

Questions his gender identity, but doesn't have enough opinions to fully submit to changing

Makes an accordion-like sound when he stretches his wrists, like Miss B and her ankles

Passing interest in strategy games

Probably doesn't even feel pain

The more favored of the B siblings

Forces himself to express by drawing on the wall

Likes WW and Toona

WW (Quadruple-U)

"I have been humbled more times than once. It's about high time I repay that which had been given to me."


Species: Drakanu

Height: 7'8.5''

Favorite color: White

Age: Born in 1870


Born in Transylvania, WW was raised to be sophisticated alongside his younger sister. He never saw eye-to-eye with his father, especially concerning his views towards humans.

The tragic fire of his castle and his family inside taught him that Earth wasn't safe from humans, and journeyed off into space. There, he gained a mean reputation as a ruthless extraterrestrial invader, with his robots and machines conquering any habited planet he saw.

In every invasion, he would be thwarted by a group of heroes. In his final invasion, the group of heroes included a vampire, very much resembling WW himself. It was there he learned that other species could get along.

He would be a lost soul traveling through outer space, but he would meet many people who would give WW a variety of perspectives, with one so special that he would honor her in her memory. After gaining further enlightenment, he would return to Earth after many centuries and befriend the B siblings.

He would then establish WW Industries, whose reach would reach intergalactic proportions. In the end, he did conquer worlds.

His inner sorrow and anger manifested as the most balanced person on New Planet B. In times of crisis, he will always offer the most sound advice and aid. It's no wonder Miss B had a crush on him before Tajer arrived.

Favorite food: Bridge mushroom soup

His bodysuit hides a beefier body

His hairstyle was the result of years of experimentation

Not in the mood for a romantic relationship

Too confrontational for his own good

Favorite animal: Snake

Started tinkering with machines at a young age

Spends his shower time thinking of cool one-liners.

Has an AI installed called SNK.

Does not like killing


"Haha, haah! Never give up!!"


Species: Blopy

Height: 3'3''

Favorite color: Don't care

Age: Crafted in the early 2000s


Blopy was crafted in a special laboratory, but was deemed a failure. His optimism helped endear him to the staff inside, but he was eventually forced to be put in a rocket and shot off in the sun. Fortunately enough, Blopy has the ability to be split in two after every death. Being torn apart by the Sun over and over soon resulted in him being immune to the core heat of the sun, and it also created a whole new planet inside of it: Planet Blopy.

During an especially hard party on the planet, Blopy was accidentally shot off again but landed on New Planet B where he would meet the B siblings.

Blopy is especially an emotional person, wearing his heart on his sleeve and his bouncable excitement allowing him to do so many different things. It's his happiness that quickly gained him a lot of friends, all of them inspired by Blopy's own passion.

Favorite food: Bacon

Second favorite: Boneless meat; he's afraid of biting on bone

His white highlights changes colors depending on his emotion

Likes being a theater actor

Too inexperienced with romance

Doesn't care about good or evil

Favorite game: Persona 4

Surprisingly very strong

Listens to video game OSTs

Has a giant Discord server with all of his friends inside

Tajer Yamia

"I feel perhaps things are getting a bit too far..."

Tajer Yamia

Species: Human

Height: 6'0''

Favorite color: Blue

Age: Young Adult


Tajer is a Tristanian-born human who was also born with magical abilities and odd visions. At 13 years of age, she tried lifting a cup, the result of which caused some horrific magical gashes on the right side of her face.

A large memory hole of her home later, and Tajer is now 18 years of age. She sought friends, sought jobs, with some accepting her, and some denying her due to the aformentioned scar. It slowly destroyed her, and one fateful day she accidentally hitched a ride on B.B's spaceship underneath a bridge.

On New Planet B, she was taken care of and met the infamous B siblings and the successful WW. During a slumber party at the House of B, she managed to unlock and loosen the restrictions placed on the two B's horns which caused them to stop smiling after having lived their entire lives stuck with one.

During a Christmas party, Tajer confessed her feelings to Miss B and the two have been in a romantic relationship since. Ever since living with everyone on New Planet B and gaining immortality herself, Tajer would slowly lose her initial fearful perception on B.B and Miss B, becoming the second-most rational person on the planet.

Tajer is very perceptive. Despite her upbringing and trauma, she seeks to aid her friends whenever possible and leans more on the hopeful side. Her gap in memory made her a bit underdeveloped, causing her to freak out when things aren't going how she's expecting it to.

She specializes in Dark Magic, magic which relies on apathy rather than love. You can't throw a demon into the Sun without some apathy for him, after all. As a result of this focus in magic, she can't really help her friends with magic, but she's still got legs. She can stand up and grab that remote. Oddly enough, she sometimes performs Dark Magic on herself, proving that she doesn't care about herself.

Her eye-flower scar is the greatest part of her concern. She can't see through it, but it protects her by awakening some primal instincts inside her during times of crisis. It also doesn't react well if she tries applying an eyepatch. Is it sentient...?

Favorite food: Anything Miss B cooks

Likes the ankylosaurus due to their armor

Incredibly athletic after her memory gap

Can only see a cloudy red void from her right eye

Gained grey hair as a result of the cup incident; her original hair color's still in her eyebrow

Her name rhymes with "danger"

The line on her bang acts as her cardiogram

Finds Blopy amusing

Her hair instantly grows back after shaving

Had Miss B slightly modify her via Noodle Mose

But Miss B genuinely gets hurt if she tries modifying her eye-flower scar

Acts as a signal for the B siblings to lose their perma-smile restrictions

Toona Cassirole

"Gosh, ain't this jus' a big ol' jinglewaster! Ha-ha!"

Toona Cassirole

Species: ???

Height: 3'6''

Favorite color: Yellow

Age: Adult


Toona Cassirole was designed and animated by the late Linnie Bygone. Over the course of the Bygone company's time, she'd get redesigned to be more appealing to audiences, even after Linnie's passing. This Toona seems to have been based on her first appearance.

For an unknown reason, she was summoned and translated into this form by an outside force and sent to New Planet B. Tajer was the first to meet her and took care of her wounds while she was having her first week on the planet herself. You can't hide a person for too long, and she was soon discovered by everyone else on the planet.

Thankfully, Toona was allowed to stay. And what's more, Linnie based Toona on Miss B herself as they used to be close friends. Eternally grateful, Toona worked as Tajer's servant, also calling her "Master" which she did not like. It was during Christmas time that Tajer realized that Toona was putting up this act due to her stress of living in a new reality and missing her old friends. With the two firmly on equal ground, Tajer and Toona are simply roommates now rather than master and servant.

Toona has a simple life with simple needs and simple rascality. She always puts a pep on her step, but has a growing concern behind her existence and sometimes blabbers incoherently. Thankfully, Tajer is there to come ground her whenever a particularly nasty episode happens, but she doesn't like having people worry about her.

Favorite food: Spaghetti

Plays the piano

Can detach her pair of wings to give to someone

Can't really comprehend blood and organs

Likes boys and girls, despite the company's version of Toona only liking boys

Suffers from insomnia

Her voice leaves behind a hint of static

Doesn't know why her sash features eyes

Not wearing gloves

Learns self-grounding techniques as to not be a bother to everyone

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