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The Side Ones

Side characters, but they still have a life of their own, so be nice to them!

Sacki Patroni

"Tone it up, tone it up!"


Species: Sack spirit

Height: 3'0''

Favorite color: Red

Age: Adult


Sacki comes from a long family line of sack spirits in the Eastern side of the world. Her family had never watched movies before due to not having limbs, so she saw her first ever movie while in kindergarten. The foreign concept allured her, and now she loves all kinds of media, the process behind its creation, and the missteps that were taken during development.

Sacki would meet the B siblings during a failed robbery attempt. After mistaking her as one of the robber's bags, they patched things out and soon became friends.

Sacki loves talking, and she'll start gushing whenever it's about a topic she likes a lot. Her lifestyle's a bit... messy, she doesn't have a couch in her apartment, she has a lot of instant noodles in her closet, and she probably stinks. Regardless, she knows a whole lot which has made her a bit sassy and gets annoyed when people aren't willing to learn.

Favorite food: Nasi goreng

Watches a lot of dog movies

The inside of her sack is a pocket universe

Is a pride ally

Sometimes uses music terms when talking

Listens to J-pop

Uses a very special technique to play video games

Knows about the multiverse

Best friends with Missy

Has a job at the bank

Missy Worklad



Species: Ground Basic

Height: 4'8''

Favorite color: Cyan

Age: Adult


When the Continental Rapture displaced many species to Earth from their families, Missy took this opportunity for a new start in her life in this new world. Forespelling the future success that WW Industries will have, she worked her way to the top and became the company's most valued employee. This has allowed her access to many resources and even friends like the B siblings.

Missy doesn't vocally pick a side in an argument. She hears out each side in her quest to know and manipulate both sides. However, when it's indubitably clear that she's on the right side, she likes attacking her opponents with clear-cut jabs.

Despite entering Earth as an adult, she's memorized far more of human history than basic historians. She feels superior having this power, but keeps a blank face with a blank tone.

Favorite food: Low-calorie meals

Has a pet cactus she believes is alive

Secretly envious of everyone

Minimizes contact on New Planet B to avoid being immortal

That's black spandex, not her actual limb color

Her original hair color is yellow

Often invited by Sacki for karaoke

Doesn't have a driver's license

Has a secret form...?

Sometimes misses her friends and family at home


"Ah... What do you make the pleasure of entering my forest...?"


Species: Plant spirit

Height: 7'5''

Favorite color: Green

Age: Nature


An ancient figure as old as nature itself. When the Earth was young, she and a partner of hers would fight alongside eachother for control over the world. In the end, they won and her green could flourish all around the world. Her partner would then disappear without a trace, much to her disappointment.

When humans evolved to create art and the B siblings descended down below, Leavi had already become millions of years old. It was her teachings and advice that helped ground the young Miss B from enacting a total apocalypse on Earth.

When civilization grew, nature was torn down, and worship over Leavi dwindled, she took to retreat onto the secluded island of Tristan da Cunha. Lost spirits of any kind would find their way to her and manifest as Bloomins, forest dwellers who would grow up and burn themselves as the ashes would flourish into new life.

Being the oldest person out of everyone, she holds a magnificent amount of wisdom, but won't just reveal it out of nowhere. She thinks carefully over her own words, talking slowly and with reverence. It would be wise to hear her out.

Her opinion on the cycle of life is personal. She accepts carnivores, but can't stand herbivores as they're eating nature. It's an odd perspective, but one only Leavi understands. While respecting Blopy for only wanting to eat meat, her respect truly began when he saved her by stopping a forest fire that threatened her forest.

She acknowledges the Bloomin's love towards her, but gets overwhelmed by their constant presence. When Miss B planted a seed of hers on New Planet B, Leavi could disassemble and reassemble herself on the planet. There, she just sits down and listens to the wind.

Pronounced "Levvy"

Doesn't like B.B all that much

Doesn't eat

Her body is an assortment of found plants; she doesn't have a solid body

Her leaf mask isn't hiding anything

She's above romance

Likes air instruments

Respects the albatross population

Can breathe underwater

Can be everywhere where there is a plant.

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