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Despite the cast already bringing conflict upon themselves, there are those that oppose the world at large.




Species: All-Writer

Height: ???

Favorite color: ???

Age: Ancient


god (lowercase "g") is the one that built this world, but he's not exactly a "Creator". In fact, these autonomous blobs are sent to prepare the world that the Creator is ready to write their stories about. This "All-Writer" was one of those blobs, until the side of his head was struck by a meteor from an unknown source.

This released a massive chunk of God Material, the primordial source behind imagination, onto a planet whose flora and fauna soon corrupted and turned into the first civilization: the B, named after being the second species in existence. god sought after his missing piece, lighting up outer space in the process, but he then retreated as he was content with what he's built.

The B civilization flourished, but they sought for more power. Creating the B Siblings, B.A and B.B, they prepared to create a B.C. Catastrophically, B.C outgrew from containment and summoned god to re-absorb his missing God Material. With B.C absorbed, god gained sentience and enacted an eternal search for the last primordial God Material left: Miss B and B.B.

If the B siblings were absorbed into god, he would destroy this reality, starting over from scratch to avoid this sudden error in history. He seems to believe that the meteor that struck his face was an accident, not fully recognizing why there already was a shooting meteor in the first place.

The Sisterly Six

"We have the power of friendship on our hands!"

The Sisterly Six

Species: Basic

Princess Purpleheart: 3'2''
Jumpy Jolene: 4'8''
Fancy Florence: 3'2''
Apple Alice: 4'8''
Dashy Dani: 3'9''
Carefree Christine: 3'9''

Favorite color:
Princess Purpleheart: Purple
Jumpy Jolene: Pink
Fancy Florence: Cyan
Apple Alice: Green
Dashy Dani: Red
Carefree Christine: Yellow

Age: Teen (all)


A group of six Basics that have turned evil because of an evil star corrupting their minds. They've retreated onto a remote planet, but what they're building up to eventually is unknown, though it's safe to say they're planning to take over the state of affairs.

Princess Purpleheart was just cosplaying as a princess at her backyard until the cursed star arrived and beckoned her to save everyone from being corrupted, becoming corrupted herself in the process. The purple heart in her chest turned into a star, and she became convinced herself that she's actually a princess. So she went on an adventure to find some subjects to recruit.

Jumpy Jolene was separated from her circus troupe and was forced to move through rocky and unstable terrain. When that path eventually got her near-fatally hit by boulders, Purpleheart came and healed her up. Jolene's a hearty empath, with her excitement always brightening up her group. She almost doesn't even remember her original troupe.

Fancy Florence grew up homeless as a result of the Continental Rapture and lived with what she was able to scrape by. When a rainstorm during the colder seasons threatened her life due to the cold, Purpleheart saw her and offered her shelter. Because of her affinity to find worth in small things, she's the stylist of the group

Apple Alice was a farmer, but a nasty tornado killed her crops and most of her family. She was also suffering from the wounds, but Purpleheart offered her a fresh apple with healing properties. Alice is the cook of the group, always experimenting with the purchased ingredients. Florence especially likes her food.

Dashy Dani was bullied throughout her entire school life. Her exciteable nature also brought the ire of her teachers, all of it causing her to believe that there's something wrong with her. When she ran away from her bullies one time, she forgot to look forwards and collided with a car. Out of sight of everyone, she was about to die before Purpleheart arrived and healed her up. Dani is the direct member of the group, her analytical lense causing her to take advantage of certain steps nobody else would think of.

Carefree Christine sees therapy in nature. After a nasty argument with her parents, she ran away from home during a heavy thunderstorm and was crushed by a falling tree. When she awoke, she was under the care of Purpleheart and allowed her a spot in her team. With her ability to heal the team, she's the healer of the group. As a result of removing pain and destruction the team are willing to do to themselves, she's particularly weary about the Sisterly Six's intentions.

As you can see here, the team is particularly in-tune with one another, replacing eachother's shortcomings with their own strengths. Though this begs the question: Did Purpleheart just happen to find her subjects at their lowest, or was it all orchestrated by the aformentioned evil star?

Wizard of Arkanhaw

"You haven't seen the last of me, nyeh heh heh heh!!"

Wizard of Arkanhaw

Species: Human

Height: 5'5''

Age: Adult


A disgraced wizard scientist from Arkanhaw that specializes in the art of linking technology with the mind. He believes the soul is connected to the mind, and that this link is what will eventually get him to rule over the world.

While a lot of folk don't take him seriously, Miss B included, Blopy does take his threats seriously and became his arch-nemesis as a result. For instance, the wizard once created a "Big Boom Doom no-more Room-to-consume Bye-Bye Ray" that threatened the destruction of all of reality, but the contraption was powered by bacon. Blopy, ever the hero, ate the ray beam's supply and saved the world as a result.

Other instances of his devious plots is kidnapping people and subjecting them to mind-based experiments. Will he ever master the control over someone's mind, or has his research been all for naught? Either answer would not serve well to the world...

Favorite food: Pasta

Mastered the power of flight


Turned bald because his hair couldn't support his brain, according to him

Likes music using classical music as samples

Mighty interested in researching the B Siblings

Has his own style of interpretive dance

Doesn't play videogames anymore

A big eater

There is no Arkanhaw




Species: God Material

Height: ???

Age: Very ancient


An creation by god built to make the search for the B Siblings much easier. That was his purpose, that's who he is supposed to be at his core.

Despite that, years progressed, which led to decades, to millennia, and that grew a personality out of godspawn. He grew dreams of his own, hopes of his own, and now he's not so sure if following god is a good idea for the betterment of this world

He even has a name of his own, once caused by him accidentally bumping into someone long ago, but god denies him even that freedom -- that word was an insult at him, not his name. Though despite being clarified that, he still liked the name and only secretly referred to himself as that.

The bond between the creation and creator seems to drift as time progresses. godspawn is even answering to someone even higher than god, telling him about the great things in this world, of other worlds, and the meaning of his own life. It all sounds so liberating, so freeing, it's all so enticing.

But he'll have to play his own cards right, let events play out, and lightly push characters around for the best possible ending of theirs. Because if even one piece misaligns, this entire world is doomed to destruction, and that's the kind of pressure that's got godspawn withdrawn from fully explaining his intentions.

The Langman

"Yes, I'm evil!"

The Langman

Species: Idea

Height: 6'3''

Age: Ancient


The Langman represents pure evil, in all of its fault.

He sprouted out of the idea of "evil" inside the Realm of Forms, a place where ideas are at its most pure. He escaped this realm and entered the world above to be evil. Of course, that begged the question: what is evil without background? Without any reason or prior experiences to turn evil, Langman didn't have any endgoal with his plans -- be evil, that is all.

So he didn't know why he wanted to be evil. That made him especially susceptible to manipulation, which is where god and godspawn come in. Using his gang of the Spook Spaghets, they had Langman kidnap B.B and "sacrifice" him with a very specific ritual circle, "because that's really evil of you."

Although his plan was successful, it resulted in his untimely demise at the hands of a conscious B.B. With his death, you might assume that the idea of evil died alongside him. Nah. When the form of an idea escapes the Realm of Forms, a new form replaces it forever. You can suppress an idea, but you can't kill it.

Favorite food: Stolen food

Researches evil

Thinks of doing evil

Bigoted because that's part of being evil

All of his actions hinge on the end goal of "be evil"

Likes bad endings because it's evil

"Good" sickens him, but he doesn't know why

Doesn't understand grey morality

Miss B didn't consider him a threat

His mansion is in the Amazon rainforest


"Hmph, as expected..."


Species: Demon

Height: 6'5''

Age: Ancient


Demons are created without names and serve to fittingly punish the souls that made the lives of others proportionally worse. This demon was fired when he brought innocent souls into the mix, and he joined Langman's Spook Spaghets to further his desire to torture anyone. After enough souls screamed for a reason to their suffering, the demon named himself "Y" in reference to the letter that is often screamed towards him.

With his victims, he mixes and matches their features to bring about the most possible suffering into them. In a way, he represents a darker mirror to Miss B, only she justifies her torture to only be for "bad people". Y does away with this filter, which brings him into a lot of conflict with the alien. He's a good fighter though, always managing to escape her grasps.

At his own place in the dark afterlife, he's amassed quite a group of demons that relate to his desires to prey on the weak, demons like Yigg and Yiggy are particularly notable. While he appreciates he's not alone with his thoughts, he doesn't like sharing with others, much less even socializing with them. Still, they'll be convenient when he'll eventually need another group of souls to relieve his stress.

Favorite food: Fear

Can move through screens

You can escape from his torture by being positive

Doesn't like people that like being tortured

Likes noise music

Makes shock videos of children's stuff to torture others

Aware of other worlds

His house is a mess

Likes visiting a version of the internet he imagined himself

Hates being compared to a hedgehog

Metal B

"Expecting response."

Metal B

Species: Android

Height: 4'2''

Age: Built in the '70s


Early in the establishment of the JSDF, B.B and Miss B were once contacted for their allegiance in military support. When the two chose to decline, they made an android that was closely capable of performing their abilities. This android couldn't choose to decline, which made him a vital asset for the Japanese government.

Metal B was often deployed to ward off the B siblings. Though the android always ended in defeat, he did help in distracting them.

When Japan was among one of the countries that disappeared in the Continental Rapture, Metal B was left without a commander to respond to. Recycling his commands, he would be a common thorn in the B siblings' side whenever they passed over the Asian continent of Earth. Unlike their earlier encounters, Miss B knew Metal B didn't have engineers to come back to, so she left him less damaged whenever a battle would inevitably happen.

Perhaps she sympathizes with the robot? Perhaps she sees Metal B as a version of her and B.B, one where they continued being under the command of the B civilization, one where they don't have their own lives to fall back on when their commanders would disappear. It's a tragic existence, one where you'll hope Metal B will grow out of.

Runs on a mix between nuclear and solar energy

Thrives on a philosophy of destroying the SiBlings

Spends the days basking in the sun

Spends the nights walking through cities

Can turn his left hand into an arm cannon

Lacks the charisma to effectively use the SiBlings' abilities

Holds no grudge against any of the SiBlings' associates

Learnt how to fix himself

Distracts himself by counting the amount of objects he sees

Prefers to be mute




Species: Kluns

Height: 4'1''

Age: Unknown


The worst parts of Kluns manifested (if you even believe that). Klunssatan is the evil equivalence of Kluns, meaning he's just outrighted bigoted ontop of being an uncaring jerk.

During a fateful encounter with Kluns, he got blasted into oblivion, never to be seen again. However, his presence lingers on, with people still asking themselves if there's an evil version of Kluns years after he's been obliterated.

Rumors persist he's even got a child of his own, a prodigy, one filled with vengeance after the death of his father. It seems Klunssatan will never die after all in this world...

Favorite food: Darkness

Works alone



Does call himself a father


Doesn't understand bigotry all that much

Has longer fingers than Kluns

Listens to electro swing

Also likes steampunk hats

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