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1991 >>

Haya the Hedgehog

Released: 1991

Platform: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Story (from the original instruction booklet)

On the mysterious moving South Island, a stage is set on Green Hill, but who's the main performer? With drumroll, and a chord on the guitar, the spotlight is placed on Haya the Hedgehog! He yells into his microphone: "Hey people! Can I hear you scream?" Of course, the large crowd yells as loud as they can, although with a smaller crowd than expected.

Vrrrrr... Oh no, missiles! It seems the rotten Dr. Eggman has crashed the show to excavate the island. According to him, the legendary Chaos Emeralds are known to have hidden itself on the island since ancient times. He plans on taking them to power his machines and take over the world!

What's worse, it seems he's taken many of the island's inhabitants and placed them into his robots to power them up. "Can't you stoop any lower, Eggman?! I'll beat the heck out of you, and then release everyone!"

Can Haya defeat Eggman, save South Island, and get on with the show? It's all up to you and Haya's skill. Go for it, Haya! And, if you're up to it, try and collect all of the Chaos Emeralds before Eggman can.

Haya Island

Released: 1991

Platform: Game Boy

Story (from the original instruction booklet)

Haya the Hedgehog's back on South Island to spot Dr. Eggman is going for Round 2! No matter, the previous game was fun anyway, so let's do this again but on the Game Boy!

1994 >>

Haya Island 4: Triple Trouble

Released: 1994

Platform: Game Boy

Story (from the original instruction booklet)

"Oh no, you don't," Haya yelled as Eggman pressed the activation button on his Atomic Destroyer. "You're already too late, hedgehog! With my Atomic Destroyer, I will finally level South Island and everyone... on... it?" While he was gloating, the Chaos Emeralds powering the weapon started to shutter and shake.

"What?! What is the meaning of this?!!" KABOOM!! A large explosion scattered everyone away, including the Chaos Emeralds. Time passed, and Tails shook Haya awake. "There was a large explosion on the mountain, and then I saw you face down on Great Turqoise!"

"It's Eggman," Haya grumbled, "I'll have to grab all of the Chaos Emeralds before he can power up another one of his doomsday machines. Come on, bud." After the two sped off, the elusive echidna Knuckles is also there to collect the emeralds, tricked yet again by Eggman.

But?! A new face enters the scene. Fang, straight from the Special Zone is there to collect the Chaos Emeralds for his own goals. "Nyeh heh heh, while the two are squabbling, I'll take these emeralds for myself, see? Otherwise I wouldn't be called Treasure Hunter Fang the Sniper!"

A triple threat. How will you ever manage to take all three of them on, Haya? "Do I have to spell it out? With some courage, I can do anything!"

2006 >>

Haya: Solaris

Released: 2006

Platform: Nintendo Wii

Story (from the original instruction booklet)

It is the annual Festival of the Sun over at Soleanna, a beautiful coastal city rules by Princess Elise. Haya the Hedgehog arrives at the city for the event, but the town is suddenly overrun by Dr. Eggman and his horrible robots. He's here to kidnap Princess Elise as she's the key to unleashing Solaris, and he'll be planning on using it to take over the world in its past, present, and future.

No way! Haya takes Elise and are both sent into a city's worth of adventure. At the same time, a new adversary called Silver the Hedgehog is also here to avoid a terrible future by destroying the Iblis Trigger... Haya?!

Meanwhile, Shadow the Hedgehog is sent to infiltrate Eggman's base to rescue his fellow agent Rouge the Bat. Here, Shadow will come to know the history behind Soleanna, the Solaris Project, and if he can even trust anyone.

Play as Haya, Silver, and Shadow for their sides of the story before conjuncting for the end. Make connections, make new friends, and regret making the toughest decision in the end.

2017 >>

Haya Mania

Released: 2017

Platform: Nintendo Switch & 3DS & Mobile

Story (from the original instruction booklet)

Coming from space, the Phantom Ruby has crashlanded onto Angel Island for a buttload of fun. They've observed a lot of Haya's adventure, and it's time for them to replay the fun all over again, unaware of the danger they're imposing on the crew.

It's a tug-of-war between Haya, Dr. Eggman, and his transformed army of Hard-Boiled Heavies. This mad race takes place across all kinds of locales, transformed and flipped upside-down by the Phantom Ruby, as everyone is left to wonder who will catch the chaotic gem first.

This title is only the first half in the Phantom Duology, with Haya Forces tying in as the second half. If your console detects save data of the latter game, you're able to play a side-story while also unlocking Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel as playable characters.

Haya Forces

Released: 2017

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Story (from the website)

"Ha ha ha! I've done it! I've taken over the world!" And the mad Dr. Eggman could finally be right for once. After suffering years of defeat at Haya's hand, he's finally managed to take over the world after gaining full control over the Phantom Ruby.

Haya's defeated and taken to places unknown, all of Haya's friends have been taken too and used as batteries all over the world, and an intoxicating dystopia can be smelt all over the world.

At West Side Island, Tails had managed to hack his way out of captivity. "Oof!" He falls, still weak and drained of his power. He flees his prison, but there are robots everywhere! Normally, he could just defeat them, but he can hardly stand...

He was about to get taken in again, until... Bling! a Warp Ring suddenly appeared! And who could jump out of it? Why, it's Super Mario of course! When Eggman had taken over the world, his next step was to take over the neighboring dimensions. The moment his plan expanded, the world understood it needed the help of a hero!

It's the crossover of a lifetime! Mario will have to trek through Planet Freedom, be aided by the world itself, and free Haya's world bit by bit. Introduce Mario to many of Haya's acquaintances by freeing them, which allows them to aid Mario via their special abilities. Some will even indulge to Mario who Haya even is, allowing Mario to understand this legendary hedgehog.

2019 >>

Haya Drift Racing

Released: 2019

Platform: Nintendo Switch

Story (from the website)

The illustrious Dodon Pa has invited Haya and many of his friends to test out his revolutionary engines in the form of a Grand Prix. Although a bit suspicious, the cars seem to run great so what's the harm in some racing fun?

Eggman seems to also be here for the engines, but whatever he's trying to fling, Haya and friends will definitely outpace him in the race.

In this Haya Drift, it's not just you that must reach the finish line, but 2 of your racing partners as well! By lending them a boost, drifting a Speed Path, or gifting them items, your teamwork will help send your team into 1st place.

2022 >>

Haya Speed Simulator

Released: 2022

Platform: Mobile

Summary (from the App Store)

Haya's a world-wide star, and many Chao are joining in on the fun. Play as a Chao and zip-zoom through through the world while upgrading and customizing yourself. Join in on races and gain special prizes.

Come back often and play for special events orchastrated by Dr. Eggman wherein you and your fellow Chao will help demolish his plans.

(Contains in-app purchases)

Haya Origins

Released: 2022

Platform: Mobile

Summary (from the website)

The adventures you know and love, play through the cornerstone adventures that helped define Haya the Hedgehog and made him beloved all throughout the world.

With cutscenes perfectly adapting the original instruction booklets of old, play Haya the Hedgehog, Haya Time, Haya the Hedgehog 2, and Haya & Knuckles like you've never experiened it before. Play as a variety of characters already seen in previous ports, but now with the addition of Amy Rose and Metal Haya!

Also available in wide screen (and in color) for the first time, many Game Boy titles will be included such as Haya Island, Haya Island 2, Haya Island 3: Haya Chaos, Haya Island 4: Triple Trouble, Tails' Skypatrol, Tails RPG, Amy Labyrinth and Haya Extreme!

(Original versions are only playable via Nintendo Switch Online membership)

Haya Frontiers

Released: 2022

Platform: Mobile

Story (from the website)

A wild storm on the Tornado later, Haya wakes up on the Starfall Islands, groggy and confused. Noticing he's awake, a mysterious girl flies up to him. "Good. You're awake. I need your help."

Introducing herself as Sage, she explains that her father has accidentally trapped himself inside the dreamy Cyberspace that lies underneath the islands. Haya, always there to help someone, runs off to save her hapless father.

Alone, Sage looks into herself. "I've called many others to help free my father, and none of them have been successful. Will he be the one?"

Run through the 5 open zones of this ancient civilization and save your friends! Sage will be joining your adventure and she'll help you defeating enemies or unlocking the island's architecture, allowing Haya some extra items.

Haya Superstars

Released: 2022

Platform: Mobile

Story (from the website)

As always, Haya, Tails, and Amy are flying on the Tornado across the wide seas. Suddenly, they come across the mystical Northstar Islands. "I've heard the Northstar Islands is host to a lot of ancient inventions", Tails says. "The animals there are so fluffy!" Amy squees. "And nobody has made the attempt to chart the islands," Haya exclaimed. Each with their own reason, the three land on the closest island.

After landing, they happen to find Knuckles! "Good thing you guys arrived. Eggman and Fang have heard about the legendary Black Dragon resting here and are plotting to release it. I followed them, but even this place is difficult to navigate on my own."

That could spell terror! The four speed off to stop another one of Eggman's plan. This time, Eggman's joined by Fang the Sniper and the unwilling native Trip the Sungazer.

The Northstar Islands has mysteriously made the Chaos Emeralds act differently than usual. This time, each Emerald unlocks a special Emerald Power that will help send you further throughout each level.

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