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Fun Things to do With Humans

Humans are flawed, they always will, but they will try and fix their mistakes. Then there are those that double down on it, and that's where I start making fun of them. It's always small things, like sneaking up on them, scaring them, scarring them.

Here are some things I do to pass the time by being immortal.

Embarass themselves via certain topics

And I don't mean talking about inappropriate topics like sex or the likes. No, I'm talking long-term consequences. Introduce talking about foreign food, foreign movies, anything foreign (from another country). If you're truly skilled, you can cause them to slide in and talk about the foreigners themselves.

Only the best people will just call them "people from [country], but ooohh if they are just terming them something like "Africans" or "Swedes", sneakily prod them by praising their outputs in certain fields.

This also swings about gender. Some unfortunate folk can't tell the difference between a gender identity and sexuality. Take advantage of that and you can feel their heads turn redder and redder. You should do that by recommending some LGBT+ works and authors. Not only will people have something to watch/read, but you'll make someone quiet up.

I especially recommend this if people don't know about your identity beforehand. You really should listen to how people will group entire continents together at time...

Mess with the rich

And I mean like breaking into their house and stealing money, sabotage their apocalypse bunkers by blocking their air filters, spread some scathing facts about them, the likes.

My favorite is breaking into their houses. It's always a neat puzzle whenever I try and re-break into a house. Like, they often try and put up some defensive measures specifically designed for me, but they haven't fully technically advanced themselves yet to contain me. They'll spend all of their money to try and keep me out, but bro you should've been donating that to the poor instead!!

Of course, when I truly can't sneak inside, I'll just bomb their house and collect the scraps flying out of the fire.

Embarass scientists by performing logic-breaking actions

I've given humans some amazing traits by using Noodle Mode for fun. Activating their vestigial tails, giving them a wide array of eye colors, sharp teeth, dots for eyes, etc. And I made it all genetic too, so you'd see a lot of family lines where the kids had dots for eyes, or sharp teeth.

I remember this one kid, left a lasting impression on me. They wanted a double-ringed pink-grey pupil, and it looked pretty sick, so I gave them a bit of my hair as present. Anyway, a lot of the traits I gave humans are apparently impossible to get naturally, but I changed them sooooooo long ago, so I may have irreperably damaged the natural order. Whoops!

Well those are some examples of how I waste time. Perhaps I should write down my schedule and see how busy I really am...?