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My cubing origins

I guess this blogpost dabbles in some unfortunate topics like child predators. So, if you’re sensitive to that, watch out.

Ever notice how not many child predators get to the stand, or child murderers? They just… seem to disappear?

Ever since you humans got the idea of sin, some people have done some horrible things to kids, their young kin. Sickening, but never realized. Well it’s because I cube them.

Now this all started back in Botswana (it wasn’t called Botswana yet). Humans had yet to depart to other continents, so you all dabbled with one another. You also didn’t invent alcohol, so it was pretty awkward. But anyway, it was late at night and me and my brother were walking through the cool air of the African night air.

We heard a struggle coming from one of the bushes, so we decided to hide high up in a tree to see what was happening above. It was exactly as you expected; some old man exploiting a young child. Kid was probably 8 or 10.

I was horrified, so we ambushed him, pushed him off of that kid. Our first instinct was to just kill him, but we’ve seen killings before. When you kill someone, they pass on somewhere if they’ve nothing left to do. They’re free.

I had yet to fully train my hands to go full Noodle Mode. And you’re probably asking what Noodle Mode is lol

Well, I can morph my three-fingered hand into a bunch of slithery tendrils, which I called Noodle Mode of which the noodle was named after, fun fact. When in Noodle Mode, any fleshy things caught in it are completely under the mercy of my transformation of them.

I can shrink em, remove parts of them, even completely reverse them. Now back then, I couldn’t fully comprehend the human anatomy. Sure, there are the organs, the muscles, the skeletons, but you have to account for every nerve ending, every wall of flesh, where circulation is lying…

So you could tell that, when I tried transforming this dude via Noodle Mode, that I just made a big mess everywhere. Some of the organs were liquified, skull turned too big for the flesh—dude was still alive while I was trying too.

He died eventually from shock, and I likely gave him the worst pain in his life, but I felt like I let a man get away scot-free. Free to enjoy the afterlife, or maybe reincarnate as an ant, depending on what I have yet to know what the afterlife is.

But, since then, I’ve become better, learned how to turn predators into featureless cubes of skin tissue, and as of today I’ve been handling it pretty well.

I hope this site has a comment box; I wanna know which place of yours has child predators so I can cube them up very easily!! Keep the love coming, and I hope any predators reading this will watch out!!

I can easily mess up with my process and leave you with the feeling of having the pits of your teeth drilled into for all eternity.