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Seems Like Winter Will End

Apparently it's gonna be 2024 over at your place. How nice; I don't even know myself in what year we're in.

I'm not gonna be harping on what you've done -- you've probably had a pretty tough year in your 2023, or easy, or it's been so empty that the year just flew by. I get that feeling, especially during my first few years on Earth...

What did you get on Christmas? And I'm not talking about a present, or achievement. I'm talking about what you've realized; what did you get about yourself? Did you realize you were acting a bit too harsh, a bit too pushed around, a bit too closed-off? It's what you understand yourself is what makes you progress further into your next year.

But you probably want to distance yourself from your actions this year. Trust, me, I understand! So I'll start telling you what I usually did during the Winter season.

I always had a spare amount of friends to hang around with in the past. Sometimes a princess, sometimes some animals I can understand, and sometimes a remote village of people. It's only recently I amassed such a big group of friends like Sacki, WW, Blopy, etc. Before them, I wandered the Earth with B.B to explore the world's everchanging culture, but there's always this one village.

High up in the north mountains, there's a village that feels timeless. They have the same traditions, the same architecture, they still make their houses out of wood. They make the greatest cocoa, and it's out of a recipe that's been perfected out of the village's history. I've visited that village for centuries every Winter, so much so to the point that I've become a part of that village's history.

Me and my brother's image are carved onto wooden plaques, and I'd tell them stories about what their ancestors were up to. "Auntie B" some of the kids'd call me. I'd tell them stories about their families braving the greatest storms to build the houses they're sitting in right now, the animals they've wrestled control over, some of the embarassing secrets I have on their great grandparents who have long passed away who can't defend themselves.

Miss B telling stories from long ago

Yeah I turned one family into rabbits long ago. Hey, they asked for it!

Winterveil Village. It's a place long away from all the hustle and bustle of a corruptable community. I really should bring my gf there one year. She's liked hearing my stories and getting to know me, and I know the people there would like meeting her too.

Well that's this blog post. The moral here is to respect your community, talk with others, appreciate the people that support you, yadda yadda.