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The first human art?

The first blog… I hope you’ll enjoy what I’ve got written up. Uhh, let’s talk about the first artwork!!

From how much I remember, I arrived on Earth 6 years after human artwork. Pretty neat, right?

Okay, because I said that, you probably think I’m somewhere around 45 thousand years old because the first documented case of human art was someone drawing some fat piggies on the wall. Buzzer!!!

Humans wanna express themselves! It goes back at long as you people developed a will to live, a will to experience, a will to vent yourself. Animals do it too—give an elephant a paintbrush and, with its meager brain, it will start scratching whatever junk it’s thinking of.

So, what was human’s first art, and do I remember it after 6 years of it being created? Well, no, and it’d probably be for the best anyway. Humans could only slap sticks with eachother back then, so the first human art would probably be some half-awake monkey breaking a stick in two. Do you know how disappointing that’d be!!?

This caveman is breaking a stick in two!

So disappointing!!

So, if even I don’t remember who made the first human art, how would I know I arrived 6 years after? Well, I was 6 when I first arrived on Earth, and I do like to make art out of humans…