Rated top 10 games by the GIMA Association back in 2010. The, uh, Global Interactive Media Association. Yeah they're responsible for giving people like me the ability to play video games. I can have a bit of recreational activity outside of watching movies, you know!!

Epic Toona. Kinda awkward reviewing it now that I've met the real Toona. I replayed it on the Wii awhile back with Tajer and Toona just watching. This was somewhere after Christmas where I met the two for the first time. Toona was all "I want to know as much as I can" since she just arrived in this world a few months ago. I was in my music phrase phase, so I may have sounded a bit off-tune.

lol here I go again.

Anyway, Tajer approached me some days later to ask if there were any Toona media outside of movies. Tajer doesn't really consume much media, so I was there to help along. Uh I recalled mentioning some attractions, theater, video games, and said I might have some games in my apartment I could play infront of them. I think that was the first time they had set foot in my apartment. They were pretty shocked to only see a couple of pillows on the floor instead of a couch, but started being like "oh yeah"

Anyway I started playing, but Toona was acting pretty strange. Tajer was just talking with me, but Toona just kept silently staring at what she's seeing.

I'm a bit of a Bygone Buff, so I recognized a small amount of what I saw. Some things were unknown even to me, so they really dug through the hidden Bygone vault. Did you know they hide porn drawn by employees in there too? Anyway...

Part of the promises the game held was to only use stuff from when Linnie Bygone was alive, so stuff until 1962. That was kind of a lie though since I saw props and references to some more modern movies. Like, come on, I saw stuff like Alial or Princess Jemral merch in that Toona Junkmountain area.

This Toona can only remember from January 18 1927 till February 18 1939, and I checked and that was when they redesigned Toona to turn those pupils into eyes. Honestly knowing that kind of worries me about how I look right now. I mean, what if some higher force redesigns me? Where will I go?? Tajer knows because she's friends with some higher beings (some girl called Klefty) but she doesn't wanna share it with me which, like, okay.

God where did I wanna go with this? Oh yeah, our Toona can only remember till 1939, so she was pretty confused at most of the references to the more modern shorts.

I did hear her muttering under her breath when she did recognize some stuff. Like I could sometimes hear her say something like "Oh Mish-Mash Motering" at that Projector Screen Level or "Bounce Bat" when we got to the Bounce Bat Animatronic sidequest. I think Tajer even noticed and began talking about which Bygone movie I watched and how the two have been trying to watch every Bygone movie in release order.

So they were just tired and she was better at masking it. That's good. I thought Toona was sad there was no couch.

Like, just as I realized it, I started to see Toona drift asleep (with visible "Z"s floating on her head. Funny). Both of us found it cute, but Tajer kind of needed Toona to be awake to have the two of them Ring Warp them back to Major B's planet. Well I suggested she just call Miss B to pick them up (they'd just started dating by then), but Tajer was kind of nervous calling her so I kind of had to do it myself.

Miss B arrived in my apartment and saw what was going on and us three just hung out a bit more while Toona was asleep. It was kind of good to catch up with eachother and kind of clarify on what just happened and why Miss B summoned that Christmas demon. She explained and I still don't really understand.

Well, during our hanging out, there was a moment where Tajer expressed how nervous she felt when they started dating and "if it's even right to do so". Miss B, ever so chillax, just asked if that's others talking for her or yourself, then started supporting her and I just stood there pretty awkwardly while that was happening.

Personally, Tajer needs to step up and be more assertive with those steps of hers. Both sides need to accomodate for a good relationship, I think, I dunno I don't have much experience in the dating field. Anyway, the point of that whole conversation was that Tajer can call Miss B up anytime anywhere, that she'll support her the best way she can, that she's already grateful for not having to smile all the time, bla bla. And Tajer was providing points about having limitations with being a human, that she's often tired faster, that she's sorry for taking some magic book(?)

It's genuinely the calmest argument I've seen between two lovey doveys. Both sides are rational, they wait for the other to talk. It would be funny if it wasn't so satisfying to listen to for one. Plus it didn't wake up Toona, which was a plus.

So when the two were done, we finished our drinks, and Tajer scooped up Toona and we waved (uh) eachother goodbye and promised to show her Toona Mania if I can pirate it.


Oh crap the uh Epic Toona review. Yeah it's a 5/5, I really liked playing it the first time. Gameplay was responsive to my lack of hands controlling the Wii and Nunchuck.


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