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Five Nights at Sonic's Reimagined

Heya, Klefty again! Reimagined is quite a different timeline, featuring SEGA and them creating an android-based entertainment place.
If you can even believe it, earlier on, Reimagined takes place in the same universe as the original FNaS! This is because its developer, Sonic4925 (also known as Sanic), is friends with the creator of FNaS. He’s even one of the original members of Team Cyantix, represented by the dark blue text in the FNaS5 Hard Mode cutscenes.
I’m not sure if this remains true today… But you don’t have to understand FNaS to understand Reimagined.
Reimagined 3 has yet to be fully released, but its demo allows you to continue past Night 3, which also contains its respective phone calls. This documentation will use that leaked info sparingly.
  • Utilizes android entertainment featuring Sonic characters.
  • Many training tapes are made to keep the building in check.
  • Someone is murdered inside the building.
  • Everything is moved to SEGA INC. as SEGA’s Funhouse closes down
Yeah it's only Sonic characters
  • The first day at SEGA INC. is celebrated via a cook-off, according to a tape in Reimagined 3.
  • During the cook-off, the Tails android gets too close to the grill and has all of its orange paint burnt off.
  • The Sonic and Knuckles androids deactivate at another point in time, meaning every single android has been scrapped.
  • Ronald Hernandez takes the night shift at SEGA INC. from December 20 to December 25.
  • The phone guy is killed by Dark, his body goes missing.
  • SEGA INC. closes.
Unknown year. Obviously before 2020, hihihi!
The case behind Dark’s identity is unknown to me. Is he that eponymous murderer back at SEGA’s Funhouse, the vengeful spirit of the victim, a previous Sonic android, or someone completely unrelated? I do love a great mystery…
  • New androids are built based on Amy, Cream, and Sally. Omochao and Tails Doll are here too.
  • The old androids are kept in storage to be used for spare parts. They become the Withered.
  • Gerald Williams takes the night shift at SEGA INC. from June 20, 2020, till June 27.
  • The androids become more aggressive to patrons, children included, as Gerald’s shift continues. Not soon after, the building closes down.
  • Dark destroys the androids, but can’t get to Sally, so he burns down the building with her inside.
When Dark destroys android Amy and Cream, they noticeably bleed red blood.
  • Takes place April 6, 2030, according to a newspaper.
  • As Sally is the only surviving android, she’s the only attraction there but as Withered Sally.
  • Escalating reports of ghosts of androids in the building result in several hospitalized patrons.
  • The SEGA Inc. Haunted Attraction closes down.
Not quite the positive ending for SEGA, huh? Honestly, they could’ve turned the attraction around if they had a NiGHTS android. I love them so much.
Anyway, who was Super? And will Reimagined 3 ever come out? This timeline's a bit tricky to figure out due to several circumstances, and Kluns won't tell me anything.